About Us

Bring us memories... We will do the rest!

Our photo business is a 30 years old tradition here in West Island.
Times do change, but we believe that pictures are still what preserves the fondest memories of our lives.

The world of photos and videos has tremendously evolved today – from the analogue age of 2 inch B/W films, 16mm and 8 mm mute films to today’s digital age where we can capture anything, anywhere, anytime.

Too many precious pictures or films are kept away in a shoe box, in your smartphone or in your hardware. They are, however, an expression of who you are and deserve to be brought to life, displayed, share and celebrated. We will be a one stop destination for all your memories. Not only do we offer great products, we can also share innovative ideas on how your image can become a meaningful treasure that marks the special moments of your life. You will be immersed in creative, fun and new ways to take your pictures and films further. There are so many things that can be done with your photos and your films and we thrive to provide you with ideas for your inspired life.

Bring us your memories... we will do the rest!