Family Book

Build your own family history books with photos family group sheets,
genealogy charts, and timelines whatever you have.

Heritage is at the heart of family history: Many people are drawn to genealogy with a desire to know more about where their families came from. Creating a family book about your family history stimulates memory and invites you to define the story of the unique tribe of people with whom you share your last name. It’s an exploration rich in potential and meaning. You might even be initiating a new family tradition! We can help you come up with the golden thread that’ll tie your book together from cover to cover.

To start a book, you may gather following information.

Census records have been taken every 10 years since 1801 and provide amazing insights into the lives of our ancestors. Discover where they were living, with whom, and what their occupation was.
All of the events like Birth, marriage & deaths..etc in your ancestor’s lives is important to make a family history. Discover where and when the event took place and store the information for years to come.
Military records honor the achievement of your ancestors. With records from the Boer War to WW2, discover the war heroes of your family. If possible, reach more information and photos of your ancestors or trace your family back to the reign of a certain period.

As you are gathering and organizing information, decide how you plan to lay out your family history. The following list is helpful if you plan on writing a book. You may add or delete some of these as the work progresses, but it is good to have a format in mind as you begin.

Cover / Title page / Frontispiece / Foreword / Preface / Table of contents / List of photographs and illustrations / Chronology / Narrative (the actual story) / Appendices / Maps / Index

There are as many ways to structure your family story book as there are families. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Divide your book into five-year blocks of time
  • Devote one chapter to your Mom, one to your Dad, and so on
  • Separate sections into cities (or countries) where each family member lives
  • Focus on the children in your immediate and your extended family
  • Make a montage of family sporting events
  • Create a book featuring your children’s extracurricular activities (soccer, band, Robotics Club)

You will make good progress if you follow the above schedule in creating your family history. The ideas may help you as you write your family history. Do not try to include all the information you have about every family member. Doing so will overwhelm or bore the reader. Be thorough, but be selective.

     Available size and Finish 

  • 8”x8”,8.5”x11”,11”x8.5”,12”x12”
  • Hard Cover with Cloth or Leather
  • Die- Cut Cover
  • Hard Photo Cover with Glossy or Matte Finish
  • Premium Leather Cover