Old Home Movie Film

Transfer your precious moment

You film is slowly fading away. Moisture in the air, dirt and time combined with age is causing your 8mm, Super8 and 16mm film to lose color and sound. We save your memories using a specialized direct-to-digital film scanners designed to save each and every frame of your film directly.

16mm Film

Super 8mm Film

8mm Film

So you have old film that should be restored and preserved for future generations. Our 8mmfilm, super 8mm film, 16mm film to digital transfer service can help you. Maybe you inherited some film from a loved one, or perhaps you simply haven’t had a chance to have your material converted into a usable modern format. Whether you are restoring film for a renowned archive or wanting to watch home movies on your TV, the process is similar.
There is frame-by-frame scanning which involves taking a digital snapshot of each Frame and combining them to create a movie sequence: simple, economic and effective. The output is very high resolution scan of the film, converting film to digital it is important to pay attention to the exposure levels and color balance.